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July 28, 2003


Kaishaku: Expiry[sic] dates

In reply to more yogurt:

You know, it's all right to go over them a little. The manufacturers don't want to get sued so they always err on the side of caution.


October 29, 2001


Kaishaku: woohoo!

the alert() worked, but the iframe causes the superelite resolving forces of Diaryland to not work. Oh well.


Kaishaku: One last one

whoops, slipped. anyhow, this one's a bit of a stretch but worth a shot nonetheless.


Kaishaku: One last one


Kaishaku: Yippee!


Kaishaku: Yay!

"Hey, I'm Ardant, and this is a large rock! Look at me, i'm immensely cool!"


Kaishaku: SP

Yay SP!

[If this thing strips HTML, i'll kidnap Pengie.]


October 24, 2001


Decordas: Hey! Kaishaku!

Hey! It's Kaishaku!!

...hi! It's dead cause you need to make it NOTICED, Ard! Heck, whenever I read your log I almost never notice it...and subsequently don't post.


October 22, 2001


Kaishaku: blogback postmortem

In reply to :

Yep. Quite.


October 16, 2001


Ardant: Wow, is this ever so...

.... dead?


October 9, 2001


Kaishaku: Hi there!



September 19, 2001


Ardant: Hooray for Decordas!

I saw your movie and it's wicked! :)

Hooray for all-nighters!


September 18, 2001


Decordas: Hooray for us!

In reply to All-Nighter #2 - Conclusion:

Hooray for us, Ardant! We rule! You're done your big-ass workterm report, and I'm done my big-ass (though not as big-ass, I'll readily admit) Transformers music video! Now we can sit back, relax...and go to sleep. Though, I guess, since you are three hours ahead of me, you'll get three hours less sleep - HA! Anyways, I'm out - my reward for finishing it tonight is to go to bed early (for me). :)


September 17, 2001


Ardant: Where does this geek get this much time?

In reply to Ask Ardant #14:

I mean, does he have a life? Writing programs to do SMS messaging? Bleh!


Ardant: This is a test of the reply system.

In reply to This is a test! :

This is a test of my reply system. Foo! Bar! Baz!


Ardant: Damn straight!

Damn straight this better be popular! ;)

I'm going to start inviting people -- perhaps I'll even make an automatic invite system. I'm still looking to make it so you can rate blogs and pick your favourite ones.

But I really should continue working on this thing called a 'work term report'.


Decordas: Testing Ardant's Blogback

This is Ardant's blogback...and I'm the first one to use it! Bam, baby! I hope this becomes popular! It's a neat idea. That's it for now.


Ardant: It's working now...

After a slightly rocky start, blogback is working now. Wheee! :) Have fun writing useless senseless crap now :)


Ardant: Test #2?

Test #2 of the blogback system.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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