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December 3, 2001


It's December...


Which means it's time for the usual "take pictures of profs and make them do the oddest things".

As evidenced here.


December 9, 2001


Did I mention exams have begun?


It's surprising how fast 4 months goes by. My four months on my workterm were surprisingly sloooow and drawn out. A summer that would never end. And then it's back to school and before you know it, four months have gone by.

Two exams done. Organizational Behaviour (3 books of writing), and Electronic Materials (2 books of writing). Only Calculus, Digital Circuits, and Java remain.

Random sentence fragments in random order:

Working like mad 24/7. As usual. Spent too much time reading other people's blogs, but, yeah, their lives are more interesting than mine. ;-)

Bought ardant.com. The previous owners went bankrupt and let it expire. Mine now. Muahaha. Nothing there yet. Thinking about a ardant.net/ardant.com revamp (also doing web stuffs for engsoc.uwaterloo.ca next term, planning some fancy mysql doo-daa).

As usual, spending too much time working on SP. Got a Christmas card engine up and running.

Back to Laplace transforms and studying...


December 13, 2001


It's what you've all been waiting for...


Finally, as promised, here's the video of my 18th birthday-get-together last year.

Context: I've never been able to blow up balloons, as people at this gathering decided to demonstrate. Much to my chagrin.

Watch the video.


December 16, 2001


Interesting facts...


... haven't slept for about 24 hours now.

... been to Mel's twice in the last 12 hours. (Once for dinner, once for breakfast).

I'm sleeping now...


December 19, 2001


I am -sooooo- dead....


The time is now 7:36 AM. I have a final in 84 minutes.

I haven't slept for about ... oh, 21 hours. Not by choice, but because I tossed and turned for about 8 hours last night, unable to sleep at all. At all. Not even an hour.

This final is going to be interesting...

I'm off to brew myself a big cup of tea.


And it's over...


3 bathroom trips, 3 cups of very black tea, 2 extra strength tylenols, 3 hours of hell, and one final exam later, I'm done finals. Finally. Here's how it went down:

8:00 AM. One majestic mug of Ten Ren black tea.

8:20 AM. Another majestic mug of Ten Ren black tea.

8:31 AM. The eye-opener. A large mug of Twinings Earl Grey. [Ed Note: On investigation of the Twinings website while writing this blog, I discovered the Tea Mouse, a virtual pet-like thing that reminds you to drink tea. Cute. ]

8:34 AM. Upon investigation of the acetopminophen I took the night before my exam, I discovered that not only does it have acetominophen, but allso 65 mg of caffeine. Ooops.

8:35 AM. Realizing I have an exam that requires 3 hours of consciousness and a mild headache, I take two of these pills. Mmmm... more Caffeine.

[Ed Note: The Twinings tea mouse is the virtual pet who has spent the least amount of time on my Desktop. 2 minutes. It's DAMN annoying. ]


December 30, 2001


I got hacked...


Yeah, sad but true. In a state of restoring things. Out of my own stupidity. I'll let you know when it's all done.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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