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September 30, 2003


3B, yogurt, google, and wikis.


A collection of random delusional thoughts:

I'm now doing my 3B term.

For those of you not familiar with computer engineering at the University of Waterloo, it's hell. Five lab/project courses plus an elective.

Google is no longer associating www.ardant.net with Gordon Chiu. Gordon Chiu's website is www.ardant.net. That should fix it. I liked being the #1 Gordon Chiu on google (for 3 years running).

Today I discovered fieldberry-less Danone Creamy yogurt. However, it's only available in packs of twelve (instead of the usual sixteen). This results in the consumer paying a premium for the removal of fieldberry (field is not a berry) from their yogurt.

I think it's a sadistic monopolistic attempt at extorting money from the helpless consumer. If we buy sixteen, in bulk, discount, we are forced to buy fieldberry. But if we buy less, we are saved from fieldberry (which is replaced by raspberry and blueberry -- separate flavours, thank you very much).

I see it akin to Microsoft offering bug-free "corporate" versions of their software alongside dumbed-down user editions. Oh wait, they do that.

Ok, or maybe it's like a Linux vendor (hmm, maybe Red Hat?)offering "enterprise editions" of Linux alongside their free versions. Oh wait, they do that too.

I am also deeply disturbed that there are 317 hits for "fieldberry" on google, and that as of time of writing, this website turned up number 42.

The ArdantWiki is open for business. Read and be merry. Maybe I'll fixup this blog to do wiki-wording automagically.

I should return to studying, and try to purge fieldberry economics from my mind, lest I fail my microeconomics midterm tomorrow.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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